We offer top-quality monitor systems that have a huge advantage in comparison to standard solutions: Our monitors can be integrated completely flush into the glass wall. Together with the glass wall they form a surface without edges - and of course completely non-reflecting.

  • MEDglas View
  • MEDglas View O-Line
  • MEDglas Control
  • Large variety of monitor systems fit to the individual needs
  • Installation allows flush integration into the wall
  • Partnership with Rein Medical for medical grade monitors
  • All monitors certified according to DIN EN 13485 - medical grade
  • Used computer system allows installation of PACS- or KIS-clients
  • Compatible with every standard video sources and video management systems
  • Available as in a variety of sizes - from 19" to 75" UHD
  • Special monitor systems for Olympus ENDOALPHA
  • Certified for plug & play functionality
  • Special 24" control panel for ENDOALPHA
  • Monitors system for simple connection to all Olympus camera processors
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MEDglas Control

  • Control of room functions using a 19" touch display
  • Every room function like climate, light, OR-table, etc. controllable
  • Integration into building management system
  • Display of electricity-, fire-, isolation and gas warnings
  • Flush integration into the glass wall
  • Expandable with stop watch, charger station for OR-table-controls etc.
  • In collaboration with renowned manufacturer Bender