MEDglas in the ICU

ICU: MEDIK does T.E.M.P.O.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a very sensible area in the hospital for which we have developed special solutions.

Patients in ICUs have special needs, due to the severity of their injuries or illnesses. They are also entitled to receive special treatment and care in a special atmosphere. Optimum condition are sought.

Intensive care rooms do not necessarily have to be cool, sterile and anonymous. We know, that a positive and pleasant atmosphere supports the recovery. With good cause the well-being of the patients is the main focus in our room concepts. But that’s not everything, there are more elements:


These four elements are the main elements in an ICU

a)   The patient care: We cater for the room setup that serves as a foundation for the optimum patient care. This may include the furnishings, the space- and lighting conditions, but also the noise intensity on the station.

b)   Clinical/medical support: It is important to consider the ICU as a whole. In planning and implementation the position and parameter of the interdisciplinary team center or the patient surveillance play a key role. Even an optimum monitoring is essential for ICUs.

c)   Unit support: Rooms like administration-, conference rooms or lounges should be supporting the whole unit and should definitely be considered as an option.

d)   Family support: The family is a valuable support for the recovery of the patient: The hospital can support the families with family lounges, sleeping rooms, strengthening of privacy and good guidance.


Our answer: T.E.M.P.O.!



In the ICU a clear sight is very important. In our functional rooms, we mainly use glass as building material. That’s the warrantor for an optimum surveillance of the patient. The staff is able to monitor the patient at any time however, privacy has to be protected at any time. That’s where we use transparent glass in doors and windows that can be switched to intransparent by a simple push of a button.

A further advantage: Our slightly transparent walls give the patients the feeling of more free space. An aspect that has a positive impact on the recovery of the patients.


There are things that give the patient the chance to abstract from their daily routines in the hospital, which help them to recover better and faster. This is something we know and we use: Rooms should have an adequate size and windows to look outside, into the nature. If this isn’t possible, we offer effective alternatives with our glass walls, individual motives and motive ceilings as well as our lighting concepts. These items can be completed by multimedia systems.


Due to the seriousness of injuries and illnesses the patient monitoring plays a central role in the ICU: MEDIK cater for optimum conditions with our glass doors and windows, as well as the effective implementation of surveillance devices into the room concepts. With these elements the reliable monitoring from the team center is secured.


Serious injuries or illnesses don't have to come hand in hand with the patients‘ loss of privacy: Our TRANSOPAC technology is ideal for the use in an ICU. Both monitoring and privacy can be preserved on the same level. With TRANSOPAC, transparent doors and windows can be switched to intransparent by the simple push of a button.

For the successful recovery of serious injuries, the family is great support. For the family we offer special family sleeping- and prayer rooms and family lounges.


Often a projects‘ success is depending on the perfect organisation: Due to our long time experience in medical business we know about the challenges and obstacles in the planning of an ICU. Therefore we support you in the design of the patient rooms, as well as the design of the whole unit. At this point, our special focus is on logistics and information management.