Your professional partner for the OR!

You can rely on us!

We are experts in implementing your room concepts professionally in due time. There is no difference between single components or a whole package including project management. We know our stuff in system solutions, it doesn’t matter if it’s about wall- and ceilings systems, functional furnishing or ICU.

Refurbishment on top level – our service for you

MEDIK is modernizing a lot: crystal clear, we not only plan completely new functional rooms, we also refurbish existing ones on request! It’s not always necessary to have a new constructional solution, in some cases we can build on to already existing walls. However, glass is not the only solution! For example, in some corridors or supporting rooms it doesn’t always makes sense to use the cost-intensive material glass. That’s where we offer stainless steel or HPL as well.

Full service with studwork – our pillar in construction of ORs!

Your structural work is already standing, now it’s only about the OR-department including studwork? We gladly implement this for you, particularly in modular room divisions the use of metal studwork in hospital building suits. With this technology you can easily install non-supporting walls or the substructure of suspended ceilings (metal ceilings). The advantage: When needed the removal or modification of walls is quite easy. For you we manufacture state-of-the-art technology. Look at some examples of our services.

That’s why with us, you save money and time!

At MEDIK, you get all services from one hand. That’s what saves you time, money and energy. Also in this area we say: You tell us what you want and we care about the details. We are using our brains, because without co-ordination, a plan and the appropriate know-how, even the most skilled hands couldn’t succeed

Our work starts a long time before the beginning of the installation – and it doesn’t end with the symbolic hand-over of keys. The get the best result for you, we are there for you in person during the whole process.

Planning, construction, production, installation

From the production of the glass to the installation we accompany you during the whole process. Your single task is to tell us what exactly we should implement for you.

We offer the whole service package. Our highly skilled professionals install the products with our partners in due time. We take on responsibility for even the smallest detail of the installation. A central contact will always be there for you questions and wishes.



The four phases from our service package

  • 1. Planning
  • 2. Construction
  • 3. Production
  • 4. Installation

A good preparation is everything. Especially when it’s about complex projects in hospital building. In the design of our room system in hospitals we care about every little detail. Millimetre accurate measurements and AutoCAD-drawings of the rooms, resource planning and a widespread project plan make MEDIK a reliable partner. There is no ‘cookie cutter’-project, the individual needs of the customer are our alpha and omega.

Tailored service: professionals from MEDIK measure every room accurately. Every power plug, every connection, every wall and every door is defined separately. In the end, everything has to fit. During this process, our engineers co-ordinate every step of the production. Dividing the wall into single panes and the creation of wall drawings are important steps as well – just to name some. For instance, our glass panes aren’t standardised in their size, every pane is unique. The sizing of the elements is made individually to create a harmonic picture in the end.

Our preffered product is glass and at this material we build on sand. Later we cut the basic-glass to needs of the customer. How this is working? Have a look yourself.

The installation of the substructe – either studwork or substructure on drywall – has to be under this point as well as the transportation of all parts to the construction site. These parts may be cabinets, monitors, tableaus, scrub sinks or something else. Glass panes, doors, windows and other components are installed professionally. Important: everything has to be dust-free. Not before all electronic devices are connected we seal all gaps with silicon.