Jean-Paul Isroe

Managing Director & Owner

Project Management, Product Development and Production

As the director of project management and system integration I was able to make valuable experience in my time at Olympus Germany (1995 to 2011).

At MEDIK, my focus is on product development, project management and production. I co-ordinate our projects and therefore I am the first contact for concepts and their implementation as well as technical questions from our customers.

Thomas Lütke-Kappenberg

Managing Director & Owner

Acquisition and Control of Sales

I have been working in biomedical engineering for over 30 years, of which I worked 11 years as the marketing director in Europe for Karl Storz.

In 2011 I founded MEDIK Hospital GmbH together with Jean-Paul Isroe.

As the CEO my focus is on acquisiton and control of sales and marketing. Therefore I am not only the first contact for our international customers and all interested customers-to-be, but also control the sales. My motto is: „Where there's a will, there's a way!“


Dieter Brugger

Managing Director
MEDIK Hospital Design GmbH (Memmingen)



Jean-Christophe Bizon

Managing Director
MEDIK Hospital Design Swiss AG



Daniel Wessel

General Manager & CFO
MEDIK Hospital Design GmbH


Hesham El-Hessawy

Managing Director
MEDIK Hospital Design Middle East